Tricolour Dishes: An Independence Day Special

When our country ,the Great India is celebrating its 72nd Independence day,let me introduce you to some different Tricolour dishes that spice up the spirit of that prestigious day with different food arts. Every celebration in India is closely related to different colours and its illustration in wide variety formats.Most of Indian dishes are also tasty and colourful to cheer up our  mind and stomach.


In south India Dosas and idlis are the most prefered food by the people,so south Indian dishes provide wide variety of Dosas like Masala Dosa,Ghee Dosa etc and celebrate the Independence day with their dearest food menu,Indian Chefs have some innovative ways of preparing Dosas and idlis in tricolor combinations and serve them before the food loving patriots.

These artistry is not limited on food but also on favourite drinks and Icecreams, lassi ,Jelly desserts ,just to make a sweet moments of freedom celebration.Not only Tricolour flags ,but also  Tricolour foods and drinks could make you more attracted to a national spirit is late known realization for most of us.But freedom of exploring new combination and colours in food makes these recipes unique with some positive thoughts of innovations.

Highly talented Chefs have shown their skill in experimenting on most of the common delighting food dishes like,Cakes,Halwas,Pulaws,Parathas etc. When our nation is undergoing certain setbacks on the freedom of eating a particular non- vegetarian menu,these tricolour dishes have an indirect message to all that the freedom lies in the mind of people,it shouldn’t be discriminated on the basis of culture on religious customs.

Let the glory of our nation reach everywhere ,when we celebrate this Independence day.We can lay our prayers to all the martyrs ,freedom fighters and soldiers who laid their yesterdays for our tomorrows.Food is the most loving gift one can share with their brothers in their country.Tri colour spreads the message of peace,prosperity and courage,like these tricolour foods makes us taste  the good vibes of our nation.If you are crazy enough to try these Tricolour dishes on these auspicious moments of Independence day ,have an explore it and share those happy moments with your fellow brothers and sisters who starve for a single meal.

Recently some housewives  suggested to buy spices in India, to give spice box as special gifts for house warming.So we can assume the trends change always ,even foods made for seasonal celebrations and celebrations demands unique food gifts.Don’t waste time ,try something different and show your spirit of innovations on these Independence day.