Karkidaka Kanji :Spices Included Special Diet

In the Malayalam calendar ,the  month of Karkidakam is considered to be a period of human body rejuvenation and healthcare.Traditional Keralites had a habit of preparing special diet supplies  including spices and body purifying cereals. The famous Karkidaka Rice porridge or Medicinal porridge is the main food item of Karkidakam. Excluding all other fatty fast foods and non vegetarian menus from diet ,people will have a different menu for over a period of one month.

New generation of Malayalis may be unaware of these practices because ,nowadays these tradition is in the verge of extinction .A common procedure in past time at most of Kerala Houses is  Karkidaka Kanji and Ramayanam reading .Now Karkidaka kanji and other body rejuvenation techniques has been shifted to ayurvedic resorts and other health clubs ,make them more costlier and richman habits.

But the fact is that,Ayurveda and its all kind of treatment are most simple and cost effective with easily available medicinal plants and spices grown in our own premises.Today we discuss how to make the medicinal rich Rice porridge or Karkidaka Kanji.Eating with the Spoons made out of jackfruit leaf  add some extra taste to the special hot Kanji.

Main Ingredients are:-

1.Caraway seed


2.Fenugreek seeds




4.Cumin seeds


5.Coriander seeds


6.Aniseed 7.Dry Ginger


8.Black Cumin


9.Cloves (Grambu) 10.Dried Turmeric (Varattu Manjal) 11.Uzhinjil 12.Thazhuthama
13.Common sida/ Common Wireweed (Kurunthotti ) 14.Karikurinji 15.Puthirichundu 16.Changlam piranda
17.Ajwain,Carom seeds


18.Navara Rice 19.Broken Wheat 20.Mung Beans (Cheru Payaru)
21.Cow’s milk or Coconut Milk 22.Shallots / Pearl Onions / Ulli 23.Ghee 24.Palm Jaggery / Karipetti


Most of these ingredients are available at our nearby medicinal gardens and plots used for farming,or we can buy from Ayurvedic medicinal shops known as ‘Angadi Marunnu ‘Shop  available in every villages and townships.Even now techies have developed online medicinal and ayurvedic stores with door delivery processing for those who are interested to prepare the karkidaka Kanji.Also some brands produced Karkidaka Kanji kits with all the above mentioned ingredients for the health loving peoples of Kerala and abroad.

How to Make the Karkidaka Kanji?

  1. Boil all the ingredients taken in 1 teaspoon quantity along with Navara rice, Broken Wheat and Mung Beans.
  2. Once the rice, wheat and beans are cooked, add the milk and simmer it for 5 minutes.
  3. Sprinkle some salt for the taste and add the jaggery for a sweet taste. Stir the mixture well.
  4. Heat the ghee in a pan and add the chopped shallots, stir fry to a golden brown colour and take it off from the flame.
  5. Pour this tempering over the porridge and mix it well.
  6. Serve this hot Karkidaka Kanji or Oushadha Kanji.


Medicinal Benefits of Rice Porridge

  1. The unique combination of herbs, spices and rice would keep the monsoon fevers at bay and have a positive effect against some of the common diseases of rainy season like arthritis.
  2. Special diet in Ayurveda which is good for the people of all age groups as it would help to improve the immunity of the body and acts as a detoxifying agent.
  3. Good for diabetes,reduces Cholesterol and provides energy.
  4. Lose weight : Kanji  is a low-cal dish that keeps you feeling satiated for a longer period of time unlike regular rice.  This is also because of the water to rice ratio is greater than the average rice cooking procedure. Besides this, it tends to be warmer for a longer period of time. And it is, the easier it  to lose weight.


Keralites are blessed to be part of a great traditional lineage of Ayurvedic medicines and healthy food diets,unfortunately now they are not so attached to the old age practises .Now mostly the north indians or Foreigners who study and understand the real value of these dishes including Rice porridge ,acts as the brand ambassadors of Kerala Tradition.

It’s time to rejuvenate  our body and our fast food culture. Early diabetic conditions ,hypertensions and strokes are increasing day by day so we should go back to the traditional habits and buy spices in India thus make the elixir of Life more enjoyable.